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May/June, 2014



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Progeny is a game about socioeconomic conditions, the decisions we make, and how they affect our descendents for generations. You begin as a child. When you get older and have your own child you play as that child. The decisions you made in previous generations affect the current one. There are also forces outside of player control that will affect you. It is a small simulation that expresses how I view the world.




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We care about making games that benefit society. We want players lives to be better for having played our games. Together: Amna & Saif exemplifies the benefits that gaming can have on a relationship. It goes beyond having a conversation or doing something together. Interdependence is a key quality in a rewarding and successful relationship and Together allows you to experience and practice it in a tangible way.

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Progeny Credits

Lyle Cox
Programmer, Designer, Owner

Artist, Freelancer on Progeny

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